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What Customers Are Saying!

Amy and Cheryl.jpg

Cheryl H.

Salt Lake City, UT

I do not have words to describe how much this woman has meant to me. Amy has been a friend, a mentor, and was a coconspirator in so many amazing adventures that always included horses - from giving pony rides at birthday parties to riding in a fox hunt clinic, to team penning, to horse shows. But most of all, lots of trail rides through the woods in every kind of weather. We bailed hay on the summer solstice, we trained horses, we spent countless hours preparing her pottery for the kiln and getting it ready to mail to customers. I cannot imagine my life without her influence. 

Zeta F.

New Enterprise, PA

As we were leaving the KDCTA show, David bolted out of the truck at the show office. I had NO idea what he was going to do. He came back with an Amy Romaniec creation! I told him many times how I would like to have one of Amy's works, but I figured I couldn't afford it. David handed it to me and said, "Merrry Christmas!"

Candy Dish.jpg

John C.

New Milford, PA

While I was at Amy's she showed me her inventory of pottery and I ended up falling in love with (and buying) this candy dish.

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