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Amy Romaniec

I discovered early in life that I could bring delight to folks using my talent to preserve their original ideas in clay. After graduating from PSU in the mid 1970's, I established a simple studio at my family's small farm. My time at PSU had inspired me to pursue my dream of having a studio with a gas kiln and methods of attaching animal sculptures to functional ware.

Through many failures and successes I discovered clay bodies, drying techniques, and firings that utilized raku, salt and wood. My designs allowed me to depict fragile legs supported by the functional jar, which was very helpful when attempting to transport dog show trophies in one piece.

In the 1980's, the Sighthound Breeders discovered my work with its modest pricing, and continued ordering various pieces until this day. They enjoy that I depict anatomically correct dog art pieces to be used as National Dog Show trophies or collections to display. I will sculpt any animal form with no obligation to purchase.

Clay allows me to be fully immersed in the project from inception to finish.

Sharing my pottery and farm-life skills with others is incredibly rewarding to me. I only ask that they pass on what they've learned to others.

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